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Mercedes Benz – The Best or Nothing

The first Mercedes Benz was made over a hundred years ago in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz. It was the first gasoline powered automobile in the world! This was the beginning of the amazing Mercedes Benz story. Since its inception the German brand has impressed car enthusiasts everywhere with its luxury, innovation and style. When you lay your eyes on one, it is not hard to see why the Mercedes brand embodies luxury and performance above any other brand, foreign or domestic.

Mercedes continues its legacy of innovation by employing some of the world’s top engineers to out design and out engineer their rivals. Taking the lead in all areas of automobile innovation from incredible high performing engines to futuristic aerodynamic body styling. There is nothing left to desire when you are driving one of these luxurious European imports.

A Mercedes Benz will always carry itself elegantly no matter how rough the road ahead, whether a used Mercedes or a new vehicle. It’s artfully crafted, built to last and aerodynamically sculpted to command the eye as well as the road. Its unmatched comfort is balanced with its precision tuned high performance engine. The energizing drive of luxury that has always been the signature of the Mercedes brand.

This luxury automobile is well known for blending leading edge safety technology with its smooth driving experience. From advanced safety systems to precision tuned road handling. You will quickly come to realize why people say, ‘you are always safer in a Mercedes’. You can rest assured that when you drive one of these gorgeous vehicles, you and your family can enjoy unlimited peace of mind. A car simply this amazing will always be fun to drive and a pleasure to own. The benefits are endless and its promises limitless.

The Mercedes selection comes in every vehicle category and trim level imaginable. Their impressive line-up spreads across luxury sedans, SUVs, convertibles and roadsters. In all their cars, you will find no detail that has been overlooked or underachieved. When you buy a Mercedes, you have the privilege of buying into its impressive heritage.

Mercedes Benz – Innovation, Quality and Dependability

A Mercedes Benz’s sedan overflows with abundance, as will your enjoyment. At every class level you will experience the drive of a lifetime. It triumphs with world class form and function, with intuitive electronics at your finger-tips and road hugging exhilarating performance. Sporty, spacious and sleek, with muscular lines and confident curves.  A Seamless flow of precision and passion which will define your road ahead and make your friends green with envy.

When you drive one of their high-performance line-ups, especially the AMG sedan or coupe, you will quickly understand the racing heritage of these machines and why they have won so many motor sport trophies. The Mercedes AMG was developed to outperform on the track and on city streets. Testing the limits of motorsports with progressive ideas and aggressive results like no other sport luxury brand can deliver.

Mercedes Benz is always forging the future of automotive mobility with intense focus on blending technology with automation. Designing leading edge hybrid and fully electric vehicles equipped with advanced navigational systems and road safety collision detection systems. Engineering some of the most cutting-edge advancements in electric vehicles and electric technology the world has ever seen. Mercedes electric vehicles are simply the best electrification of the gasoline engine ever imagined. Electric appeal at its finest.

Mercedes – Passion that Moves You

Mercedes, an automotive legend that is always forging ahead by reinventing and redefining what it means to drive a luxury European brand. Continuously improving itself, pushing beyond what is possible or imaginable, blazing the path forward with timeless automotive designs, cutting edge technology and breathtaking performance.

This beautiful dream of a car can be yours to own at a fraction of the cost of a new Mercedes Benz. Why pay full price, when you can drive off with more money in your bank account and still be the envy of your friends and family. Come visit us at Luxury Auto Plex and test drive one of these pre-owned dream vehicles today.