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LAND ROVER – Spirit of Adventure

Land Rover has always made exceptional well-balanced Luxury SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. They are a subsidiary of the British Jaguar brand. Over the years, Land Rover has managed to create many legendary utility vehicles, which have made their way into the hearts of adventure lovers everywhere. Since their SUV’s are engineered to be driven in very challenging environments like mountain tracks, forests and other off-road terrains, they are highly- acclaimed amongst the off-roading community.

However, don’t let it’s aggressive off-road reputation fool you. Land Rover vehicles are equally known for their exquisite luxury and comfort. These are vehicles that can perform aggressively in any terrain. But at the same time, they can also be pacified for urban city driving. This dual nature of the Land Rover SUV brand makes it very popular with any demographic looking for a compact, mid-size or large SUV in Portland Oregon.

Your Portland Land Rover Dealership – Above and Beyond

When you look at the exterior of any Land Rover SUV like the Range Rover, you will see a mix of aggressiveness and style which matches the dual nature of the Land Rover vehicle. It’s quite an eye-turner that can perform in the harshest of environments. 

Inside, the Land Rover gets the latest drive technologies and amenities needed to ensure a high performance all-terrain drive without compromising European luxury. The expansive cabin looks more like a plane’s cockpit with all the dazzling buttons and displays. It comes equipped with all the latest in-dash entertainment both in the cockpit and also around the back seats. The stereo sound system inside the cabin creates the some of the best surround sound available in the automotive industry today. 

Under the hood of a Land Rover is an engine that is crafted with great skill and precision. One drive in a luxurious Land Rover 4×4 will be enough proof of this fact. Any and all Land Rovers may they be compact SUVs like the Evoque or full -size SUVs like the Range Rover, come under the same performance umbrella. There is obviously a difference if you opt for the higher-end versions like the Range Rover Sport, as these high–performance models have the grit to give you the best driving experience both on and off-road.

The safety features and the driving assist technologies in the Land River 4×4 vehicles are also plentiful. In this regard, all the latest technologies can be found in Land Rover vehicles. They absolutely do not compromise on the safety and well-being of their customers and that is what’s great about them as a company. Their corporate social responsibility is a testament to their greatness as an automotive company. There is absolutely no mistaking a Land Rover. It is built for those who search for the best of both worlds.