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AUDI – Truth in Engineering

The Audi Luxury Brand came into existence early in the 20th century, when engineer August Horch formulated a German car company in 1910 under the name of Audi Automobilwerke GmbH. The German brand’s first car came out  that same year and since then Audi hasn’t looked back. Year after year their sports and luxury vehicles have awed and inspired car enthusiasts from across the world. Their vehicles are nothing short of brilliant. In simple terms, an Audi vehicle is everyone’s dream car.

An Audi drives like a dream as well. Nothing less should be expected from one of the top German engineering car brands. Audi delivers just like its other German rivals Mercedes and BMW. All that you desire in a European luxury performance car, can easily be found in an Audi. The best performance, entertainment, comfort and affordability.

Audi, is well known for the thrill of the ride. Engineered to perfection and designed to drive. Passion unleashed, both on the road and on the race track. Come test drive an Audi today and find out why their slogan is “Truth in Engineering” A remarkably maneuverable and exquisitely designed road machine.

AUDI – Never Follow

The Audi vehicle is crafted with pure driving exhilaration in mind. Every category of their luxury brand is a testament to the countless hours of meticulous work put in by their hard working engineers, designers and mechanics. Just have a seat in one and take it for a ride and follow your own rules. You will quickly understand why ‘everyone dreams of an Audi’. With its lightning fast acceleration and quick handling, you will understand why they say the Audi’s are engineered to lead and never follow.  So, stop by our used Audi showroom in Portland and drive away with a late-model pre-owned Audi, that will cost you thousands of dollars less then a brand new luxury import. 

The refined interiors of these fine cars are intelligently crafted to have immense space. It wouldn’t matter if the Audi you choose to purchase is a two-seater coupe or a four-seater sedan, there will always be ample head and legroom for you and your passengers. The Audi’s luxurious interiors are crafted with exquisite leather. This is especially true for the higher-end sport and luxury models like the A8 and the R8. The front dash has the latest amenities including, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, climate control, cruise control among others. There will never be a moment that you will feel left out because your friend’s car has something more advanced than your late model pre-owned Audi.

The story under the hood is just as spectacular. Brilliant and massive engines power the Audi vehicles. Once you take these exotic luxury cars for a drive, you will understand why Audi sports cars have been winning professional racing competitions for decades. Having unmatched performance, handling and comfort found in no other luxury car then an Audi.