Used Luxury Car Review: BMW Pros and Cons

BMW sales surpassed 2.4 million cars sold in 2017. That number has been steadily climbing since 2010. There’s no denying that BMWs are the epitome of luxury and class. Yet, is buying a used BMW a smart investment? Read on for a look at the key BMW pros and cons so that you can make an educated decision.

Quality of Engines and Transmission (Pro)

One of the best things about buying a BMW is the reliability of the key parts. The higher HP and torque means that you can hit the road without worrying that you are quickly running the motor and trans out. The competitive fuel economy and CO2 numbers make this a great ride in the city and on the freeway.

Quality of Interior (Pro)

When you buy a luxury car, you expect elite comfort. Any BMW series will meet and exceed your expectations in this regard. Superb cabin design is one of BMW’s biggest advantages. The quality materials used in the interior mean that even a used BMW with a few zeros on the odometer will look and feel expensive and luxurious.

Foreign Car Manufacturer (Con)

You might not have know that BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. Yes, BMWs are German automobiles. Owning a foreign car means that you’ll be in for specialty repair and maintenance. these costs can add up over time. The repairs on a BMW will be higher than a domestic car, no doubt about it. Your best bet is to choose a mechanic that is experienced with BMWs. However, excellent engineering ensures longer life and good performance for an extended time-frame.

Less Depreciation Per Year (Pro)

New cars drop in value very quickly when you drive them off the lot. On average, a new car will lose 60% of its total value over the 5 five years of its life. That works in your favor if you are buying a car that is 5-6 years old. You might be able to pay close to half price for your BMW if you buy used. From a financial standpoint, buying used makes a lot of sense. Check out this 2013 BMW X1.

High Ownership Costs (Con)

It’s not going to come as a surprise that owning a BMW will run you more than your average car. You’ll need premium gasoline, high-end tires, more expensive parts that are imported. You’ll also pay more for labor and your synthetic oil change. At the end of the day, BMWs are a the top of the list of most expensive cars to maintain. When you are buying a used BMW you need to consider that these cars have a ton of complicated electronics. That’s going to translate to extra labor and parts when repairs are in order.

Bottom Line on BMW Pros and Cons

There you have it. A few of BMW pros and cons for you to consider when buying a used BMW. Keep in mind that some of these pros and cons apply to brand new bimmers as well. If you want a luxury car without paying the full sticker price, a used BMW is the way to go. Looking for a used BMW in Portland? Check out our inventory on the ultimate driving machine.